Voice Actress Helene Daviau


Seraphim Entertainment is excited to announce another official character artwork for Pizz’Amore! 

K, voiced by Sheila M. Gagne, is a mysterious Delivery Girl who delivers a special new oven for your pizzeria! Here one minute, gone the next, her words and logic are sound, but something seems off…

Remember to stay tuned this week as we will be showing more artwork and we’ll also announce the RELEASE DATE this weekend!





Hello friends!
It’s taken me a while to come out publicly with this but here I am! Jeri and I have actually been together for a whole ten years. Holy heckie. That’s a long time! ( You might know as Lorelai and Anya though our nicknames are Tav and Jeri)

Once upon a…

Are you kidding me.
Why do people do crap like this. You could be donating to save families, to save animals, to save someone’s life. But naw naw naw a big wedding is way more important.

Excuse me—-
Pardon me—-

Did you or have you ever contributed money to those things you just said? Do you actively do it? If not then shut your mouth.

Tav has had a rough life, I should know because I know Tav personally and we have had similar lifestyles growing up and because of that it has affected a lot of things. 

Having a wedding? 

Having something that means so much to them as a couple—

to tav as a PERSON

That’s worth doing this for.

They aren’t asking for millions, they aren’t asking for a damn kickstarter with thousands of dollars.

They are just wanting a little help, a little push to help them reach their goal.

If you seriously have the time to bitch about someone needing help getting the funds to get married then I honestly feel sorry for you.

Instead of bitching about this, why dont YOU make a difference. 
YOU contribute to those things you talked about instead of expecting everyone else to, because you dont know—-they could also be contributing to those things too. 

Good day sir.


For those of you who are skeptical of this fundraiser, please rest easy because it is %1000 true.

I know Tav and Jeri personally. They are amazing people who deserve the very best!


ATTACK ON SPACE — Episode 23: Tharsis

The Ensigns arrive on Tharsis, a planet of heat and desolation; at the same time, Elias Castner must make his decision. 

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[Cast Credit] [Written by Reuben Lack] [104th Voices]


says the only real gay guy in the room


Awesome. Hugh Jack is the man


I will stop reblogging this when it stops being funny. 


so Hange does impressions sometimes to break cheer up Levi

I drew this one for mindxcrash, please enjoy my appalling sense of humour. 

click for better quality <3

Literally can’t breath! I am dead!



This film answered the age old question “How do you make Beyonce more sassy?” Answer: Put Nathan Lane to be her sass twin. 

And it was glorious.